Why did I decide to launch  a fitness site? As an
entertainer, I meet thousands of   people a year and one of the
most asked questions is, ''how do you stay in such great shape?"
It's hard to  really talk in depth about my workout routine with  
people while at a show, so I decided to film my  workouts, and put
them on DVD, as well as having my own FIT with NICK Show.  A
picture is worth a  1,000 words! I hope to MOTIVATE as well as
INFORM, while having a little fun doing it. I think you  will enjoy my
videos, even if you have  absolutely no interest in  training or

 Also, in talking with people , I am surprised to find out  just how
many people don't know what "working out"  really is! Some just
know the term, but don't know what  it entails. However , they DO
know the myths: " Oh, I  don't want to get muscle bound"....(If you
only knew  how hard it is to put on that kind of bulk!) or," The  
muscle will turn to fat if I stop working out " ( Oh, c'mon now! And
my grandmother's and alien from outer space! ) Some people are
also under the assumption, they need to belong to a gym , have a
personal trainer or have  fancy high tech equipment. I'm going to
show you how I stay FIT - right from my own home!

 I'm hoping that either by watching my DVD or just by  checking out
this site , I can get people to drop the  excuses and start getting fit
today ! I believe  the key  behind making ANY workout routine
successful is PERSISTANCE and MOTIVATION! If I can do it - YOU
can too !   Including a regular exercise routine in your lifestyle will  
make you look and feel better then ever ! So , no matter if you
choose to run , walk, weight train , ski or bike,  there is always
something you can do to GET fit and  STAY fit ! Thanks for getting
FIT with NICK.......
Nick Mulpagano
The Official Fitness Site of                                                   
                                                 Nick Mulpagano                               
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